City mania: gameplay guide to build a unique city & features

The fact is that Gameloft is the best developer in the gaming industry; every game they made is an epic game. The French video game developers launched a mobile game ‘City mania’ in 2017. Without any doubts, the game broke so many records, and reach top trending game in the simulation category. The game contains so many features read them below. The main thing is the currency, which helps the player to create their city. Coins are a vital part of the game earned by complete daily missions and City Mania Cheats process.


·           Build houses – The game is based on construct house buildings, hospitals, parks and many more things as well. Build houses and other buildings easily help to earn new levels and gain experience. Starting at the beginning of the game with zero experience level to a higher level of experience, only construction will help in to reach the top.

·           Daily missions – Missions are crucial keys in the game; the game contains daily missions and story missions. Don’t let the daily tasks expired because they reward a high number of coins and boosts. Completing daily missions and other story missions also a better way to earn free creates and City Mania Cheats also provide rewards that help.

·           Enlarge the storage size –If you’re a gamer, you already know how much storages are essential in the game to upgrade other things in the game. Higher-level storage allows you to contain earning of coins and boosts. Upgrading the storages is not an easy task, but it’s a vital part in the game to have premium materials.

·           Expend the city – Expending is an easy task, but it takes lots of coins and game cash to expend. It allows the players to purchase land area to build.