Dragon City Experience The Game Ultimate Game By Creating Islands And Grow Dragons

Beyond any doubt that Dragon city is one of the best games that gained huge popularity after the success of game. In the current time, the game has more than ten million active users worldwide, and in the first month of release, more than three million players registered to the game. Gold and crystals are the main currency of the game, with support of dragon city hack cheats players can get an extra amount of currency.

Gameplay and tips to know game

The story of the game is very simple that every player can easily understand the vital parts of the games. In the game, the main work is to build islands and Collect the dragons. Both things are very important in the game because the total story is depending on these two components. Dragons are found on the islands, and in order to collect more and more dragons or use dragon city hack cheats, it is important to grow the more islands.

Every dragon and island is categorized in a different habitat, and every habitat contains the same habitat of the dragon. There are up to fifteen habitats in the game, and every island is important to build. Some dragons are regular who needs proper care like they need a proper way of to breed. Proper breeding make them grow and become strong but exclusive, and rare dragons do not need anything like this, they are already very strong from the beginning.